Giving Back - I have chosen the little girl
Monday, May 12, 2014 4:03PM

Good Afternoon All! Thank you all for sending in noimations for your little girl to have a free session with me before I head out to Alaska! I loved reading everyone's story and wish I could give all a session. I have chosen the beautiful little girl who will be getting a complimentary session via yours truly! Here is the nomination that was sent in:Morning Amber! I know this is a long shot as I’m sure there are hundreds of emails pouring in to you right now for the free little girl session but I had to put my daughter’s name in as well.  I would like to nominate my daughter IzaBella Blaze NightThunder.  IzaBella is 9 years old and loves to draw.  She has an amazing talent for it.  I am nominating her because her life is about to get hard.  Bella wears her heart on her sleeve.  She is very emotional and loves everything this world has to offer.  Her best friend in the whole world, Tanner, just moved away and within 11 days her Daddy is deploying.  She cries a lot when she misses those she loves and it breaks my heart to see her so upset. Bella is all about peace and love.  She loves the color blue and her eyes are an AMAZING mixture of colors.  I know this photo session would show her how very special she is and she would have some great pictures to send to Tanner and Daddy.Our financial situation ...

Southern Girl Flying North: NYC Baby!
Monday, May 12, 2014 3:43PM

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams."T-.5 day until I hop on a flight (that I purchased very spontaneously), and head up to New York City! Yes, this southern girl is heading North for two and a half days. What brought this on you ask? Well, it's no secret (if you have been following me on Facebook and the infamous Instagram), that I am a huge fan of James Franco. You know, that guy who is in the movies, writes books, directs & produces films, paints, teaches oh, and a scholar too. It's true. No, no, no ... I am not an obsessed fan who is going to NYC to stalk and enhance my paparazzi skills. I am just a photographer with an interest in the art of the remarkable mind. That's how I see James Franco. After seeing posts such as "if you could photograph a celebrity" and "who's the one famous person".... I already knew my answer. I added photographing James Franco to my photography bucket list. Some people think... um, this gal has got to be crazy for thinking she can photograph him... Well, you know what? I am crazy! I am crazy enough to set goals, follow dreams, think outside the box with the complete understanding that it might not happen... but you know what? It just might...Ok, let's talk Instagram..........I am addicted. It's just that simple. I love that I can share my art, my work and my insanely beautiful life with anyone that ...

It's time to give back again!
Sunday, April 27, 2014 9:46PM

"The soul is healed by being with children" - Fyodor DostoyevskyThe other day, I was sitting at my desk as usual, editing away. This time though, I was editing images of my daughter that I took on Easter. She is a tough cookie to photograph, but there was something so endearing about these few images I grabbed that I got an overwhelming feeling to give back to someone. I thought about how lucky I am ... how blessed. No matter what obstacles life throws at me and my family, that one glimpse of my beautiful, sweet, resilient and incredible little girl, my heart and mind is immediately put at ease. I did not have my first child until I was 30. I could never imagine how motherhood could change me as a person ... she enlightened my soul. Made me better. The last time I remember being "normal" and not so maternal was sitting in Iraq thinking of getting home to ride my Ducati, see my husband and play with my dogs! Shortly after that, I became pregnant and my world changed. It wasn't until I was sitting in the hospital after having an emergency c-section at 31 weeks pregnant, staring at my 3lb little girl fight for her life, that I realized I am here to be a mother, her mother... that my heart is finally at rest from the void that now I realize was there. No more jumping out of airplanes, catching bad guys, trips overseas. It was time for a new adventure. Be a great and loving ...

Yes, it's True...AFP is moving!
Friday, April 04, 2014 12:10PM

Bittersweet. That's the only word I can think to use right now. If you've been following me over the past month, you will notice posts here and there about Alaska! And yes, it's true. My amazing little family & I are moving to Fairbanks, Alaska. What prompted this you ask? The Military is bringing us there after many, many, many years here at Fort Bragg, NC. However, it is an amazing blessing because we have always wanted to visit the Last Frontier... to camp, hike, travel, take images for my Art Store, fish, and all the beautiful things that their beautiful nature has to offer. We just never thought we would have the opportunity to live there. When it came up, boy, we jumped on it! Talk about an amazing adventure for us. We can not express how excited we are. With that being said, I have been in the Carolina's most my life, so this will be a bittersweet move for me. I have made so many friends and clients in this beautiful state. My military family is also here. I served with so many wonderful people who are and will continue to be stationed here. I've been around the world and back... seen many things, done many more... I've always come back here. Not this time... well, at least for several years.For my wonderful and loyal clients here; I will be gathering a list of a few photographers that I will be able to refer you to. I will ensure they give the same quality care, ...

Disney on Ice 2013
Saturday, March 01, 2014 10:00AM

My favorite part of December here in the Carolinas is when Disney on Ice comes to town! We are Disney fanatics and there is nothing better than seeing the excitement and pure joy on your child's face when you take them to see some of their favorite characters live! It is a family tradition that we go every year, and of course, I take my camera. Here are a few of my favorite shots!xoxo,Amber

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